Reencontro - Mozambique

AMF has partnered with local Mozambican NGO Reencontro, to improve the lives of over 7,000 children orphaned by AIDS. Reencontro contributes towards alleviating the plight of AIDS orphans by reducing the negative impact made by broken family structures. To meet the commitment Reencontro promotes better socio-economic and psychosocial condition, encourages proper health-care practices, and provides education to create better overall living conditions for AIDS orphans.

Reencontro, meaning "reunion", is a non-profit orgainzation created in 1998 by a group of women of good-will that decided to join efforts and support the many children left without their parents because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

"First the actual work of care and education can only be done by local people working in their own communities. It is they, the poorest and the weakest, who are bearing the greatest burden. Inspired by their example, all of us must make ourselves their true partners. We must listen to their needs and their assessments, and give them the strategic support they so richly deserve."- Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General for the United Nations Reencontro follows this belief by implementing a holistic, community-based support to effectively save the lives and futures of children orphaned by AIDS

Reencontro provides access to basic services and social assistance through community-based home care for children orphaned by AIDS. Community support groups identify orphans and through home visits provide adequate assistance and care through the following initiatives: education, health services, preventative education, professional skills and income generation empowerment, food and nutrition.

Reecontro currently assists over 7,000 children orphaned by AIDS in Mozambique.

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