Liberty Institute Microcredit Project – Koforidua, Ghana

AMF is supporting women at the Liberty Specialist Institute in Koforidua, Ghana by providing microloans that are used to start small businesses.

Funding for the microloan project was raised by faculty, students and staff at the University of Southern California (USC); UCLA’s Black Alumni Association, WARD AME Church and other Los Angeles groups also contribute to Liberty. Since the launch of an AMF-USC partnership in 2004, USC students and faculty have participated in AMF international field trips and projects including, A Nossa Casa, USC AMF Pen Pal Program to name a few.

AMF believes in the ability of microloans to help the poor lift themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship. Through a partnership with Sinapi Aba Trust, AMF is supporting women at the Liberty Specialist Institute in Koforidua, Ghana by providing microloans that are used to start small businesses. The project works to establish young graduates of the school in their businesses, ensuring a positive measurable impact on the lives of these women and their families.

The project is aimed at establishing young women who graduate from the Liberty Institute in their businesses and also enhance their entrepreneurial skills. This is a way of helping reduce graduate unemployment and poverty among people in Koforidua in the eastern region of Ghana. The beneficiaries of the program go through four weeks of orientation. During the orientation period, the women are given an introduction on the work of the African Millennium Foundation and the role that Sinapi Aba will PLAY in their lives. The session instills credit discipline among the potential members by discussing the program’s systems, policies and procedures.It also prepares the members for recognition in the program and helps participants fully understand their roles, responsibilities and obligations.

By the end of the training, the following is achieved:

-Micro entrepreneurs have accessed sustainable financial services (credit and savings)

-Participating loan recipients improve their business skills

-Participants have a pathway to increase their profits so that basic family needs are meet

-Participants have a strengthened sense of self-worth, leadership and confidence

Delali Tayviah
Delali Tayviah a graduate of the Liberty Institute has received support from the African Millennium Foundation in the form of microloans. After graduating Delali used the little capital from her small savings to start a pastry business that supports her two children. By providing tasty pastries to the local market, demand for her business grew quickly. Unfortnuately, Delali was unable to increase her pastry production to meet demand due to lack of funds. When Delali heard about the AMF project offering loans to graduates, she quickly registered to make use of the opportunity. Along with 7 other women, Delali went through four weeks of training before receiving her loan. The $357 leant to Delali has allowed her to buy more products to meet her pastry demand. Because of the loan she is now working hard to one day open a large pastry baking factory that will allow her children to gain a better education. Delali is very grateful for the opportunity given by AMF and prays for continued support to help fulfill her dream.

Doris Houghton
Doris is a twenty-four year old young lady with a secondary education. She is single and lives in a compound house. She wishes to better her life with the training she has received from Liberty Institute. Her hopes are to be independent with a business she can start herself. Using her talent for making delicious pastries, Doris has been working in the business for two years. She joined other Liberty graduates in the micro-credit project to expand her business to her expectations. After completing training, she received a 300 Ghana cedis loan. With this loan received from the project, Doris has invested into the preparation process of her business. She has been able to buy raw material including oil, flour, margarine, etc in bulk. Doris expresses her great appreciation for the opportunity to invest in her business, preventing a situation where she could lose customers because of an inability to meet their demands. She now confidently says she has gained great knowledge on business management among other invaluable skills. Doris expresses her sincere gratitude to the donors and asks that they continue to extend their support to the group of graduates and the community of Koforidua.

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