CSULA – Maputo, Mozambique

After having spent a summer observing firsthand the state of rural Maputo, Mozambique, and researching the plight and needs of the poor and HIV/AIDS infected people, Dr. Javeri came up with a vision and a plan to support student learning by involving the US students in global volunteerism.

Both graduate classes EDIT 565 (E-Learning) and EDIT 594 (Human Performance Technology) were given the authentic tasks of designing interventions and units of study that would empower and educate the minds of the women and children of Mozambique.

Included were technology infused lessons in English, computer skills, HIV/AIDS, sex education, and how to start a micro-business. What began as a tiny seed of thought in the minds of Manisha Javeri and Malena Ruth, blossomed into a myriad of colorful possibility. Cal State graduate students took the baton and ran with the kind of passion needed for the next steps of the journey.

Human Performance Technology Proposal
Developing E-learning Courseware/E-Modules Proposal
CSULA Project Brochure

The lessons Professor Manisha Javeri learned on her first trip to Mozambique in the summer of 2006 became the basis of two graduate distance learning courses at Cal State L.A. and the fuel behind hundreds of hours of student work to build projects for the African Millennium Foundation.

Assistant Professor of Education Manisha Javeri acknowledges that she can’t change the world on her own. After a teaching trip tot he rural villages surrounding Maputo, Mozambique she realized where she could start and said “Each one of us can do a little. You can take away the feeling of being significant. You this this impact locally- and at the same time- you have this global reach.

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