Appli-cause™ – Mozambique

Appliques that support charitable causes

Choose an Appli-cause™ and support global sustainability. A twist on our Applique designs, Appli-cause™ allows students that are currently participating in their school's litterless lunch initiatives to go beyond helping their local community. By selecting an Appli-cause™ design for their NC Litterless Lunch Bag, students can contribute to their global environment too. This program is designed to help offer awareness and support for various not-for-profit organizations that are involved in promoting sustainability around the world.

CCH Pounder:

"I have been working with organizations that affect AIDS impacted children for over twenty years. I am very proud of the work AMF (African Millennium Foundation) has been doing and delighted that our friends at Nutrition for your Condition sees strength in banding together to help children in this country and to extend its hands across the globe. I know you'll love these bags and I hope my Appli-cause™ design reminds you that we are bound together as one."

"A Nossa Casa approaches the life of a child holistically. As important as food and shelter are, the community must be there to expose children to tradition, social skills and an understanding of one's place in the world. Education will give them the intellectual skills to face the modern world. The concept of offering a place that nourishes the children and the local community gives back to both."

"A Nossa Casa will do this while maintaining a focus on sustainable principles, which include the principle of creating the healthiest place possible for both people and the environment. To this goal the buildings and open spaces of A Nossa Casa are balanced to allow the natural elements to heat and cool the buildings. At it's heart is a botanical garden for learning about the environment. Within the garden is a prayer and meditation room to feed the soul."


AMF Appli-cause™ Bag
Designed by CCH Pounder


Purchase an AMF design with your NC Lunch Package and 100% of the proceeds of that Appli-cause™ will be donated to the AMF in support of A Nossa Casa project. A thank you letter will be sent by the AMF acknowledging your donation.

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