Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association Partnership - Uganda

AMF has partnered with the Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association (AGYA), a local Ugandan non-governmental organization, to impact the lives of more than 300 youth, women and children in Uganda's urban slums. Committed to creating a safe, supportive, sustainable learning environment where Ugandan youth can develop leadership skills and express themselves creatively, AGYA targets Ugandan youth ages 12-19 living in urban poverty. These at-risk youth, who account for nearly 54% of Uganda's population, are in vital need of safe spaces where they can express themselves artistically and develop skills that will help them evolve as effective community leaders.

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Amagezi Gemaanyi

Amagezi Gemaanyi which means Knowledge is Power has three core programs aimed at providing innovative arts-based non-formal peer education initiatives, economically empowering local youth, and nurturing innovation, confidence, integrity and creative self-expression.

• The AGYA Girls Program provides Ugandan girls with positive role models and mentors, educational facilities and resources that will allow them to become successful female leaders in their communities.

• The AGYA Free Lunch Program provides vulnerable children and youth with free nutritious meals and access to clean drinking water.

• The AGYA After-School Program provides children with a nurturing learning environment featuring tutoring and innovative arts and educational classes including computer skills, language training, textiles and fashion design, jewelry-making, poetry and creative writing, art, dance and music, photography, film and media.

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