A Nossa Casa – Maputo, Mozambique

AMF supports innovative solutions in Mozambique, one of Africa’s most AIDS affected countries. The disease is distressing communities not only in the form of poor health and death, but with an increasing number of orphans left to fend for themselves. In partnership with local NGO Reencontro, AMF works to strengthen civil societies and to empower the most vulnerable communities.

AMF is expanding on the work completed with Reencontro by building a sustainable village, A Nossa Casa, where children orphaned by AIDS can regain hope for their futures through social services and assistance. A Nossa Casa, translating to “our house”, is built on the belief that every child has the right to a standard of living adequate for the physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and social development.

A Nossa Casa uses a holistic approach to provide the most effective tools to save and secure futures for 100 children living within the village and another 100 in the surrounding community. Children orphaned by AIDS receive assistance and care through the following initiatives:


primary and secondary education will be available on site with seven classrooms capable of holding 28 children each.


a medical clinic specializing in providing care for children will offer help through vaccination campaigns, related advice on hygiene, nutrition, and first aid, education on HIV/AIDS and prevention, as well as psychosocial services

Food & Nutrition

children will receive three nutritious meals a day which will be sustained through a designated plot of land within the compound to harvest food

Vocational Training

Classes will equip and empower children with the skills and opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. Training will include sewing, agriculture, chicken rearing, etc.

Site Plan
Cross Section Classrooms
A Nossa Casa Brochure

To view or purchase the A Nossa Casa book created by architect Polly Osborne, click here

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