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On December 9th at 2pm I am having a small fundraiser for Reencontro, the NGO we are working with in Mozambique, to give them a little extra cash for the kids and to help ease the burden of moving into their new facility.

The most amazing experience in my trips to Mozambique
has been getting to know the people at Reencontro.
Reencontro is dedicated to saving orphans from poverty,
and getting them fed, clothed and educated.

The men and women at Reencontro are 100% dedicated
and work tirelessly with a vast network of volunteers
to find and care for thousands of forgotten children
in one of the poorest countries in the world.

I have done a design with Pali Fekete Studio for a center
for these children called "A Nossa Casa."
The center, when built, will be run by Reencontro.

I am asking everyone who comes to pitch in at least a $100 for us to send to Reencontro. I hope you can come. If you can't, perhaps you can send a donation anyway. This isn't a fancy fundraiser, juSst a get together for a worthy cause. I'm going to do the cooking and am happy to have others do that as well. Malena, African Millennium Foundation co-founder, is making a Mozambican peanut stew.

Polly Osborne, (310)562-4341 c.

Our house is at
2238 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Checks can be made out to: African Millennium Foundation and are fully tax deductable. Can't come but want to donate? Click here.

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